Thursday, July 17, 2008


The thing I love most about summer fashion is the colors. In my opinion, the brighter, the better. When it's hot outside, most people will resort to shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. It's understandable to want to just throw something on and get out to enjoy the summer days. However, putting on shorts and a t-shirt everyday can get boring real fast. Adding some colorful basics can completely change an outfit. Here are four of my summer favorites from American Apparel.

1. The Unisex Big Tank
Coming in a variety of colors, including fluorescent orange (shown) and fluorescent green, this tank is perfect for summer. It can be worn over a bathing suit when you're going to the beach or the pool, over your favorite pair of shorts, with a pair of leggings or tights if it's long enough on you, or even a pair of pants if it's a cooler summer day. For a different look, add a belt. While it only comes in one size, a second tank top or t-shirt worn underneath might be necessary (I suggest it be another color instead of opting for black or white).

2. Unisex Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh T-Shirt
Another great choice for a hot summer day spent at the beach. The see-through mesh will feel light and allow you to feel the breeze. Perfect over a swimsuit, this shirt can be worn with shorts or skirts. While it only comes in four colors (fluorescent pink [top layer], pop purple [bottom layer], frost blue, and black), it's still a fun summer option to the basic t-shirt. Wear two at a time (as shown) to give yourself more color options or wear over your regular shirts and tank tops.

3. Unisex Solid Rib Vest
One of the easiest ways to spruce up an outfit is by adding a vest. If you're not big into color, this is the perfect way to add just a touch. This vest can be worn over plain, patterned, or printed shirts and tanks. Buttoned or unbuttoned, it will still add a nice pop of color and for more options, add a belt.

4. Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt
The last item on my listen from American Apparel and my favorite. While shorts are comfortable, they can get boring after a while. Maybe it's just me, but when it's really hot out, i don't want denim wrapping around my legs. To me, summer is a time to feel girly. When I think of summer, I think of skirts and dresses. I think that some people avoid them for fear of being too dressy. While I love to get all fancy every once in a while, I love a casual look when wearing skirts. This skirt can be worn with all the basics: t-shirts, tank tops, even a leotard (which American Apparel also sells). To change the look a bit, add a pair of tights, leggings, or knee high socks.

The best way to figure out what colors work well together is to go to your nearest American Apparel and either try them on together or hold them up next to each other. You'd be surprised at what color combinations you never thought about trying. Next time, instead of reaching for that white t-shirt, opt for that green or purple one.

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