Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shauna's Daily Outfit

I wore this to run errands and get bubble tea with Katie!
Top: Estam
Shorts: Juicy Couture
Camisole: Nordstrom BP
Watch: Skagen
Necklace: Gift

Necklace Detail

As you may know by now, I am attracted to bright colors. I found this top in a boutique while on vacation in North Carolina. I was immediately drawn to it and my favorite part are the cut-outs on the sleeves. I found the necklace in a random store in L.A. about six or seven years ago. I didn't buy it, which I quickly regretted. Surprisingly, my grandma had my aunt purchase it as a present for me. It even comes with a key, also decorated with rhinestones.

As for the shoes, they aren't pictured because we were inside and took this last minute, though they really aren't that important. I wore Teva flip flops. They weren't the ideal shoes I wanted to wear, but I always seem to wear flip flops when it's raining.


Jackie said...

Bubble tea is absolutely wonderful. =]

My mom can make the simple kind. Well, not MAKE the bubbles but like... get the kind that all you have to do is boil water and just wait.

Bon Ton Chicago said...

I wish I could make my own bubble tea!