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Katie's FALL 2008 RTW Review A - L

So, these are the collections, A through L, that I really liked and wanted to talk about. Below these are other collections I liked but either didn't have time/was too lazy to put pictures up, and below that is a list of collections I did not like and why. This is only half of it... Expect more within the next couple days...

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is never one to disappoint, and this collection is no exception. The immediate vibe is very witchy- there is almost a feeling of Sleepy Hollow throughout the first set. There are tattered dresses with asymmetrical shapes, and the hair carries the same feel as it also looks tattered and disheveled (which, as the first thing I see, I honestly did not care for). The collection then turns to a certain regality through the end. These pieces have a high society India feel, consisting of velvets and layered feather dresses with full skirts, and silks with intricate bead work. Needless to say, he has certainly outdone himself again.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's collection is truly unique. She has veered a little off her punk-rock path and though keeping with the boldness she is known for, she took a different route. She drew from many inspirations in this collection... the pieces are a bit of Native American, a bit of Victorian, and a bit Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. Bright, bold colors in eccentric patterns are seen, intertwined with darker pieces, but all very much incorporating all three influences. What will be next in Anna Sui's upcoming collections?

Christian Dior

At first glance, I thought I would hate this collection. I'm not one for Jackie O glamour, and that is exactly what this screams. But, the more I see, the more I love. I find the collection to be fun and humorous, in a 1960's wine-guzzling-Texas-mother sort of way. The hair is huge, and the lashes and makeup are over sized to match. Bright fun colors and bubble skirts, nostalgic prints and shapes... it all brings back a memory to those who were fortunate enough to live in that era. (Though I did not, I wish I had!). John Galliano will always find a way to shock you, and this is proof.


There is something so innovative about the line that makes me wonder why it is so overlooked. I always feel like the designs are so well put together. They are an oxymoron in a way, because they are so perfectly flawed... Everything works in a way that doesn't work. It's refreshing, and I just love it.


This collection reminds me of the weird girl at school that no one talked to, not because she was weird, but because she was crazy. The one that if you looked at her wrong, she would probably stab you. She had an older boyfriend that rode a motorcycle, and would pick her up half way through school... but even though she was crazy and weird, you still kinda wanted to be her, because she just didn't give a fuck. It's like Catholic School 'goth', but in the old sense of the word.

Karl Lagerfeld

Now I'm not a huge fan of Chanel, and I could do without most... BUT... I like Karl Lagerfeld. I feel this line, though in a way similar to Chanel, is much more laid back, and I like that about these designs. I mean I love Karl for the great designer he is, and some Chanel items I really adore, but the collection as a whole isn't as great as this one (just my opinion). I like clean lines, solid fabrics, the chic-ness of this line. Chanel, I feel, is too dainty for me. Yes, some of this collection looks redundant, but you have to look at the details. The stitch, the pleat, the shape... It really is all different. And I love that about Karl, it's not for one woman, it's for all women.

Other Collections worth remembering: Christian Lacroix - I liked just about everything. Hair, makeup, jackets, dresses, PRINTS... just great.
Dsquared2 - Dean and Dan, my loves. They make something old, new... and it just works.
Elie Saab - Oh, my wedding dress WILL be an Elie Saab piece (but from his couture line, of course!)... He makes the most beautiful dresses!
J. Mendel - Wouldn't say I LOOOVED it, but there were a few pieces I really liked. Sheer lacy numbers and the bow-loop looking pockets were nice.
Lanvin - I can't put my finger on it, but there is something I like about this collection...

Not Impressed with (and my reasons why): Derek Lam - I feel like he lost the female body in these pieces, and he usually knows the female body so well... And, I didn't see a cohesive collection, but rather bits and pieces strung together in no particular fashion. Disappointing as he is a favorite of mine.
Balenciaga - Seen it before. We get it, you do shapes, it's your thing. Strong shoulders and hips... Something new, please?
Dolce & Gabbana - France? Oklahoma? Prague? I just don't get it. It's a mish mash of confusion for me, but I'm never impressed by Dolce & Gabbana.
Junya Watanabe - Another designer I enjoy, usually. I feel like he took his idea too far, and it just got redundant. We'll see next time.

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