Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom's Jackets

Last week, Katie invited me to an 80s party. I honestly had no idea what to wear. Leggings and a skirt were the only things I could think of wearing, which was fine, but I had no top to wear. Luckily, my mom came home at the right time and pulled out one of her jackets from the 80s. It was perfect.

The next day, my mom was asking if anyone said anything about my jacket (which received many compliments) and let me know that she has another jacket hiding somewhere. She went off to find it, returning a few minutes later with another beauty. I was not at all surprised that my mom had purchased this jacket because it fits her personality perfectly.

I think the best part about the jackets is that they are hand painted. Here are some details of the white jacket.
Outfit Details
Jackets: Jacket Required
T-Shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes: Tory Burch

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Beauty Trends

This Fall is all about the dark lip. There is a myriad of shades in red, purple, and even brown. And this Fall, pairing these berry colors with a smokey-eye is OK, if you don't over do it. Dolce & Gabbana's Fall/Winter ads show this look... A pale face, dark cranberry or mulberry lip, and a smokey eye that doesn't overpower the face.

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I'll admit to being a MAC whore... Most of my stuff is MAC, and for good reason! In my honest opinion, they have some of the best formulas for a decent price. Now, I say decent because some lines out there are just insane, but they do have steeper prices than drugstore brands.

MAC's newest line is called Cult of Cherry, and the colors truly reflect a cherry. Deep, dark, rich, and dare I say juicy. I picked up a lipstick in So Scarlet, two Mattene lipsticks in Rapturous and Bing, and a lipglass in Cult of Cherry. I also picked up an eyeshadow quad in Tempting, but it was mostly because of the INSANE chartreuse color. The lipsticks and lipglasses are $14, the Mattenes are $14.50, and the quads are $36. But, MAC is not the only brand on the dark lip kick.

Urban Decay just came out with a new collection of lipsticks, and though most are not dark, the most popular color out of all of them has been Apocalypse, which is a deep blackberry color. And these have some CUTE packaging. Though it won't stand up on the counter like most lipsticks, the bottom of the purple metal lipstick is a dagger, and it is even etched onto the lipstick itself with the brand name below. These lipsticks are $22.

And with dark or red lipstick, always remember to line those lips! Nothing is more unattractive than smudgey or feathered lips.

Stains and tints are a great idea too, and very popular this Fall. Going along with the dark colors, many cosmetic companies have colors that are stains or tints, which is a better approach for someone who isn't ready to take the plunge into a full on lip color.

The God of all things makeup, Kevyn Aucoin (RIP), has a collection of lipsticks called The Expert Lip Tint. These are pigment-rich and moisturizing. This collection has a deep burgundy red called Bloodroses that looks GORGEOUS! These lipsticks are $23.

Another brand I adore is NARS, and if Orgasm is your go-to blush, you might need to add another NARS product to your bag! NARS Lip Gloss/ Lip Stain Duo takes a gorgeous dark stain and pairs it with a perfect gloss. Apply the stain to the center of your lip and put the gloss all over the lip for a toned-down dark lip. For $28 you basically get 2 lip products!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Katie's Opinions

OK, so my opinions on this season are different than Shauna's. Some outfits she liked and I did too, some were exactly the same, and some I totally disagree with. (Sorry in advance, Shauna, lol.) My favorites so far are Kenley (though she has become kinda bitchy) and Keith. I love that Blayne is a total nutter, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Daniel, though he is TOTALLY slipping up.
Episode 1:
I loved the idea of this challenge for... about 30 seconds. Then I hated it and thought it was so stupid. OF COURSE they'll go for the fucking tablecloths, I mean most people would think of that first because America is LAZY. I liked Daniel's the most, but liked the originality of Kelli. The bottom was adorable but I hated the top. And I loved Wesley's, too.
Episode 2:
Cute idea, but who the fuck would let the models choose the fabric? In what world does the designer just say, "Hey, btw, go get the fabric, Sweetie..." I'm pretty sure the designer would get the fabric whether or not the look was almost totally the client's idea. I mean if a client came to me with a fabric, I'd be like, "BB, I'm going to get something similar, but not so trashy, and definitely not as low grade." I loved Kenley's and Emily's if it was longer. Blayne's was cute, too. But the producers are whacked if they think models know fabric.
Episode 3:
The idea was OK, but more and more I'm thinking the producers are without ideas and just make them up as they're walking to work. Kenley's was adorable, Leanne's was pretty nice, and I loved the use of color on Blayne's.
Episode 4:
This is the challenge I was waiting for. And OK, yeah, they're exactly the same as Shauna's... But great minds think alike, right? Kenley and Leanne's were cute, but Keith's was amazing. Like, forget the Olympics, put that shit on for everyday wear. But what judges or producers were on crack that voted Korto's as the winner? I'm sorry but the bitch is insane and that vest looked like crap. IMO, bbs.
Episode 5:
Another solid, TV-worthy idea... Brooke Shields is hot, and this was a great challenge. Though I don't like Jerell or Stella, at all, I loved this look. It was a good pairing and a cute oufit. Keith is hot, IDC who disagrees, and I loved this look and the versatility of the top. And though Blayne and Leanne's look wasn't transitional to evening wear, I thought it was cute and looked like something DSquared2 would design. And, though Shauna disagrees, I HATED Kelli's outfit. It looked like something you would get at Discovery Clothing (for those who don't know, its a discount clothing store that sells cheap clothing good for one night out, and the trashiest working wear known to mankind.) The silouette was bad, the fabric matching was bad, and it looked like something costing $19.99. And judging by what Kelli wore to the runway that day, it looks like she shops at Discovery, too. I'm glad she's gone, cause now they can bring class back.
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Daily Outfit x2.

Dress: Bebe, Shirt: Rogan for Target, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Handbag: Chanel
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Headband: J. Crew
I've been living in these shoes lately and I don't know why. Maybe it's because summer is coming to an end and I don't want to let it go. Maybe it's because I love flip flops in the summer and these are a nice change. I've also been trying to wear this headband. I bought it a few months ago and have neglected it ever since.

This next outfit I wore last night to get dinner with my parents. It was kind of chilly outside for a summer night. I've been pretty sick the past few days, so keeping it casual was a must for last night.

T-shirt: To Write Love On Her Arms
Cardigan: American Apparel
Jeans: It Jeans

Shoes: Sam Edelman
Handbag: Chanel
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Headband: J. Crew

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway Season 5

These are my favorite three looks from each episode so far. Based on my favorite looks, it would appear that my favorite designers from this season would be Kenley and Kelli. Sadly, Kelli was voted off last episode, but at least I have Kenley. Other designers I appear to be liking are Blayne, Suede, and Keith.

Episode 1:
Who didn't love Kelli's marbleized skirt? The moment I saw it, I was ready to buy it. As for Daniel's dress, well, could you imagine a dress made out of plastic cups? I would have never thought of that.

Episode 2:
It's the little details I love about the pieces from this episode. Blayne's off-the-shoulder on one side, Suede's woven/cut out look, and Kenley's oversized collar.

Episode 3:
This has been my favorite episode so far. Obviously I was drawn to Blayne's dress because of the bright colors. As for Kenley and Kelli's outfits, I would wear them both.

Episode 4:
These outfits are simple and wearable, though a bit too much white for my tastes. The collars and skirts are my favorite parts.

Episode 5:
I thought this episode was ok. I was glad Keith won. I loved the convertible sleeves. While I like the other outfits I posted, I didn't think they were anything too special. I am still sad that Kelli was sent home.

photos from

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Try It Before You Buy It!

OK, so there is a catch... you do have to spend money... but when it comes to finding out your specific wants and needs, these miniature try-me's give you a taste of the product without commitment to a whole tube.

Sephora's 'The Lash Stash' is a kit of Sephora's 7 best-selling mascaras. It includes: Benefit A Little Bit BADgal Lash in Black, Blinc Kiss Me Mascara in Black, LORAC Publicity Stunt Lashes in Black, Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Black, Stila Multi-Effect Mascara in Black, Sephora Brand Lash Plumper in Black, and Too Faced Lash Injection in Black.
I love BADgal lash, and the Sephora brand plumper is OK, but I want to try Blinc Kiss Me. I have heard amazing things about it covering each lash in a latex coating that pops right off in little tubes with a little water and pressure. (OBV if you have latex allergies, this isn't a good mascara for you.)

Travel-sized cosmetics are also good try-before-you-buys. They give you the option of trying more than one kind of a product before spending the big bills on something you might not even like. Or they can allow you to try one product for specific needs...

Smashbox Primer To Go comes in the original, Light, SPF 15 With Dermaxyl, Color Correcting Color Adjust (Green), Color Correcting Color Blend (Apricot), and Bronzing. These are great primers, and fit almost every need.
If you have redness, the Color Adjust with tone out the red and leave you with an even, neutral tone. Sometimes the Original can be too greasy for people that have oily skin, but the Light goes on smooth without making you look like you stuck your face in a pan of oil.

Other try-me or travel-sized cosmetics worth trying: Cargo DailyGloss, Cargo ColorCards, Cargo Eye Shimmer Collection, Cargo GlossBox, TheBalm Pick-Up Liners, DuWop Mini Venom Trio.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Daily Outfit.

Dress: Norma Kamali
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Sunglasses: Porsche Carrera

Please forgive me for the quality of the photos. My boyfriend was supposed to be home earlier to use his awesome camera, but got stuck at work, leaving me with my very old point-and-shoot.
These sunglasses are my dad's from the 80s. I was so excited when he brought them out, and even more so when he said I could have them. The best part is that they get rid of my craving for new sunglasses.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shauna's Fall Wishlist Part 2

Top to Bottom, L-R:

My goal is to obtain at least half of my posted fall wishlist (the rest can be found two posts below) and all necessary basics (v-necks, cardigans, etc.) this fall. The thing that gets me is sales. I am a sucker for sale shopping and it prevents me from saving money for the upcoming seasons.

My mom has promised that we each get a Louis Vuitton bag this year and I might be able to talk her into it sooner than I thought because of the upcoming price increase, which I believe is August 19th. I'd like to give my Chanel a break, but when it comes to handbags, I won't settle for just anything. Even if I like a bag, I won't spend money unless I LOVE it. And when I find a bag I love, price doesn't matter. I will save to get what I love.

Those Givenchy shoes have been driving me crazy. First I love them, then I hate them, then I love them again. I've been planning outfits to wear with them and it's only making me fall in love even more. I'm loving the Vivienne Westwood necklace because of the colors (I'm a sucker for anything orange). As for the two blouses, yellow and purple are two of my favorite colors for fall, and the ruffle details make me drool.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shoes or Lose 2008

Shoes this season are all about creativity and innovation. Heels are sculptures, looking like flowers, jewels, and some even studded. Lace-up boots and shoes are also popular, whether it is accompanied by a heel or not. Detail is the key, and the crazier, the better!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shauna's Fall Wishlist

I assure you that this is a very, very small portion of my fall wishlist. I find myself craving mainly shoes, which is understandable considering that I've been lacking in shoe purchases. Skirts are also climbing my list for fall. Maybe it's because I have enough pairs of pants or maybe it's because I only have two skirts.

As for the rest of my not pictured wishlist: cardigans, tights in a variety of colors, grey nail polish, a leather jacket, shiny nylon leggings from American Apparel, v-necks, knee-high socks, and a blazer, though I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Images from nordstrom, diabro, zappos, yoox, shopbop, and thefashionspot.