Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Katie's Opinions

OK, so my opinions on this season are different than Shauna's. Some outfits she liked and I did too, some were exactly the same, and some I totally disagree with. (Sorry in advance, Shauna, lol.) My favorites so far are Kenley (though she has become kinda bitchy) and Keith. I love that Blayne is a total nutter, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Daniel, though he is TOTALLY slipping up.
Episode 1:
I loved the idea of this challenge for... about 30 seconds. Then I hated it and thought it was so stupid. OF COURSE they'll go for the fucking tablecloths, I mean most people would think of that first because America is LAZY. I liked Daniel's the most, but liked the originality of Kelli. The bottom was adorable but I hated the top. And I loved Wesley's, too.
Episode 2:
Cute idea, but who the fuck would let the models choose the fabric? In what world does the designer just say, "Hey, btw, go get the fabric, Sweetie..." I'm pretty sure the designer would get the fabric whether or not the look was almost totally the client's idea. I mean if a client came to me with a fabric, I'd be like, "BB, I'm going to get something similar, but not so trashy, and definitely not as low grade." I loved Kenley's and Emily's if it was longer. Blayne's was cute, too. But the producers are whacked if they think models know fabric.
Episode 3:
The idea was OK, but more and more I'm thinking the producers are without ideas and just make them up as they're walking to work. Kenley's was adorable, Leanne's was pretty nice, and I loved the use of color on Blayne's.
Episode 4:
This is the challenge I was waiting for. And OK, yeah, they're exactly the same as Shauna's... But great minds think alike, right? Kenley and Leanne's were cute, but Keith's was amazing. Like, forget the Olympics, put that shit on for everyday wear. But what judges or producers were on crack that voted Korto's as the winner? I'm sorry but the bitch is insane and that vest looked like crap. IMO, bbs.
Episode 5:
Another solid, TV-worthy idea... Brooke Shields is hot, and this was a great challenge. Though I don't like Jerell or Stella, at all, I loved this look. It was a good pairing and a cute oufit. Keith is hot, IDC who disagrees, and I loved this look and the versatility of the top. And though Blayne and Leanne's look wasn't transitional to evening wear, I thought it was cute and looked like something DSquared2 would design. And, though Shauna disagrees, I HATED Kelli's outfit. It looked like something you would get at Discovery Clothing (for those who don't know, its a discount clothing store that sells cheap clothing good for one night out, and the trashiest working wear known to mankind.) The silouette was bad, the fabric matching was bad, and it looked like something costing $19.99. And judging by what Kelli wore to the runway that day, it looks like she shops at Discovery, too. I'm glad she's gone, cause now they can bring class back.
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emily said...

oh gosh, i disagree with you so much on a lot of these points. instead of arguing, i'm just going to say that i DO agree about blayne's amazingness! LOVE HIM!

Katie said...

hey, i'm always up for other opinions! i can be kind of strong-minded, but fashion is in the eye of the beholder, you know? i just think either the contestants aren't the most amazing this year as in past years, or the producers need some better ideas. it was sooo hard to pick 3 outfits from each episode.