Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway Season 5

These are my favorite three looks from each episode so far. Based on my favorite looks, it would appear that my favorite designers from this season would be Kenley and Kelli. Sadly, Kelli was voted off last episode, but at least I have Kenley. Other designers I appear to be liking are Blayne, Suede, and Keith.

Episode 1:
Who didn't love Kelli's marbleized skirt? The moment I saw it, I was ready to buy it. As for Daniel's dress, well, could you imagine a dress made out of plastic cups? I would have never thought of that.

Episode 2:
It's the little details I love about the pieces from this episode. Blayne's off-the-shoulder on one side, Suede's woven/cut out look, and Kenley's oversized collar.

Episode 3:
This has been my favorite episode so far. Obviously I was drawn to Blayne's dress because of the bright colors. As for Kenley and Kelli's outfits, I would wear them both.

Episode 4:
These outfits are simple and wearable, though a bit too much white for my tastes. The collars and skirts are my favorite parts.

Episode 5:
I thought this episode was ok. I was glad Keith won. I loved the convertible sleeves. While I like the other outfits I posted, I didn't think they were anything too special. I am still sad that Kelli was sent home.

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